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Homelessness: An Alarming Issue of Today!

A home is not just a matter of a roof and walls, it kindles an abundance of emotions that bind up everyone together. However, it’s not in the destiny of everyone. Homelessness is not just an Indian phenomenon, it’s a worldly issue. Lack of funds compels people to live in such an adverse situation and pass out their whole life there only. Saddened!

Homelessness Issue

Homelessness is a much alarming issue. Millions of people don’t have any access to cover their heads under a secure roof, to give their children a place to improvise their wellness and to get intact economically and emotionally. The people without a home are obliged to stay on pavements, roadsides, railway platforms, under flyover and staircases or other open spaces. This disheartening situation is worst in reality than just we think or speak on it.

One house demands the biggest financial transaction and this monetary aspect is making it just a dream for a plethora of people to have a roof of their own. Let us discuss all homelessness, it’s causes and solutions too! Dera Sacha Sauda is providing many ready to move in houses to needy, poor etc. Well, we will discuss a few more interesting things on this too.

Indian Scenario of Homelessness!

In India, there are 4 million homeless people consisting of men, women, elderly and disabled. The number of people living in slums has even doubled up in the past two decades. About 64 million people in India live in slums and tenements. The people who are most likely to become homeless are those who have fewer resources. They don’t have funds to purchase homes nor can they afford high rents, so they are forced to live on roadsides, streets, footpaths, etc. The homeless problem can’t be avoided.

Reasons why homelessness exits?

There are some reasons for homelessness that are poverty, fewer work opportunities, domestic violence, mental illness.

  • Poverty

The main reason for homelessness is poverty. Both are inextricably linked. Due to lack of money, neither homeless people can buy home nor can they afford the rent of homes and they are forced to live on the roadsides. Poverty is a big reason for homelessness in almost all countries.

  • Fewer work opportunities

Most of the homeless people are illiterate. So, it’s difficult for them to get high pay scale jobs. They have to work 14-15 hours a day and can’t get sufficient salary in return. Fewer work opportunities automatically mean the scarcity of funds, which eventually turns into poverty and then into homelessness.

Consequences of Homelessness!

  • Mental illness

Mental illness is becoming a major problem. Homelessness gives birth to mental illness and they forget thinking positively and do self-care. Some people drag out mental people instead of taking care of them and getting them treated.

  • Nutritious food

Poverty is one of the major problems that Homeless people face. They don’t have money which ensures them accommodation and food. They usually eat leftovers. We see them often; they collect their food from the trash, and they feed on unhealthy food. So, it is normal that they will have health problems and issues.

  • Physical health issues and diseases

According to Dr Hwang’s research, People living on pathways, railway roads, streets, etc. are particularly proving to develop skin diseases such as cellulitis, impetigo, venous stasis diseases.’ Besides these skin diseases, they fell into cancer, AIDS and other disease’s clutches. Going to Doctors or getting necessary medical treatment is too expensive for them. Depression rates also high amongst homeless people.

  • Have to face weather

They have to suffer a lot during bad weather. When it rains, they cover themselves with plastic sheets, polythene. They have nowhere to go. They have no roof over their heads to protect themselves from winter’s cold and summer’s heat.

  • Insecurity for women

Homelessness invites insecurity and violence for poor women. The open sky is big a danger for them and their existence. They face a higher rate of sexual and emotional abuse than women who are housed. They face harassment at every step, and they don’t have any security from anyone. People take the face of the wolves and take her as a chance to satiate their hunger. During pregnancy, they have to face the risk of pregnancy complications. Maintaining a nutritious diet and visiting a Doctor can be difficult for them.

Homeless people have a lot of problems which they should deal with. If we say problems are an unbreakable part of their lives, then it wouldn’t be wrong.

Is There Any Solution?

The government is taking initiatives to build up homes for these homeless people. With the ‘Housing for All’ scheme, it is targeting to build about 20 million new homes in urban areas and 30 million homes in rural areas by the year 2022.

Building homes for homeless people is, of course, the best way to overcome this problem. Some states are improving slum conditions and assuring residents they will not be evicted for some years.

An appreciable role is played by the NGOs that are consistently working for these homeless people and giving them new hope. These NGOs are Akshay Trust, Uday Foundation, Fuel a dream, Butterflies, Dera Sacha Sauda, Hope Kolkata, etc. They all are working relentlessly to make new homes within the stipulated time zone. The religious institute Dera Sacha Sauda deserves a special reference here which gets the new homes constructed in just one day. They researched the complete history of poor people and if they really don’t have any means to own a house then their volunteers collectively start building it and in just one day, they give them a home of their dreams. Quite applauding!

Give Them Feeling of Accomplishment!

The feeling of owning a house is just out of the world. The person who dreams to have a house to live in reaches to cloud nine when he got his wish completed and this feeling really gives them a feeling of belonging and accomplishment. The peace of mind, sense of security of owning a home is quite applauding.

It’s possible to give them the freedom to live in their way if we all join hands together and make it possible for them. It’s possible to join these NGOs or religious institutes and give your own part in helping those needy families. It’s a great way to fill up your life with blessings.

Give homely shelter to the poor and fill up colours in their lives!

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