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Magnifying Makeup Mirror and Its Different Types

There are many models of magnifying mirrors on the market. These models, whatever their brands, can be classified into several categories. These categories mainly refer to the different characteristics of each model. Thus, we can distinguish: Check below here three main types of magnifying makeup mirrors that must be in your mind before any choosing anyone from them.

Types of Magnifying Makeup Mirrors

  1. Fixed Magnifying Mirrors

As mentioned in their name, fixed magnifying mirrors are ideally placed in a location. They generally have a fairly substantial size which can result in a large diameter (more than 20 cm) or in an elongated foot or body. This type of mirror is placed on a dressing table in the bathroom or in the corners of the house where you wear makeup. The models which have lighting supplied by an electrical outlet are all classified in this category. Fixed magnifying mirrors are also often heavy. Their advantage lies in the size. Indeed, they can be fitted with larger mirrors since they are not subject to dimensional constraints.

  1. Portable Magnifying Mirrors

Unlike magnifying portable mirrors of the first category, those of this second category can be moved from one place to another in your home. Thanks to their small sizes and limited weights, they can also, without much difficulty, be carried in a bag. So you could have it handy at any time if you plan to get a makeover during the day at work or when you are out. The lighting of portable magnifying mirrors is powered by batteries placed in its base. The only drawback for this type of product will be the fairly small diameter of the mirror which does not always adapt to large magnifications (x10).

  1. Magnifying Wall Mirrors

The latter type of magnifying wall mirrors can be fixed or portable. It will be distinguished by the suction cup arrangement at its base. It will then be possible to hang it on a vertical surface. This makes the mobility of the mirror even greater. The suction cup will only adhere to smooth, clean surfaces without aggregates such as windows, mirrors, ceramics or acrylic.

Criteria to choose Magnifying Mirror

Between the different types of magnifying mirrors and the wide variety of brands and models that are offered on the market, you may encounter some difficulties in finding the one that can give you the greatest satisfaction. Below are a few important things that must be in your mind before choosing your magnifying makeup mirror.

Magnification: this is the main criterion for choosing a magnifying mirror. Today’s models offer a magnification varying between 2 xs and 10 xs. The choice will be made according to the main use of the mirror. In general, the magnification does not influence the price of the mirror.

Format: this criterion refers to the different types of magnifying mirrors mentioned above. The choice will be made according to your needs. Do you use your mirror only at home or need to keep it handy everywhere you go. If you like to cut your hair yourself, a suction cup model with a telescopic arm will suit you very well.

The design: a magnifying mirror is not only a beauty accessory; it is also a decorative piece for the room in which it is placed. Its design is, therefore, an important selection criterion. This criterion is however subjective and will depend entirely on your tastes. On this level, the choice is endless and by searching well, you should quite easily find a model that you like.

Lighting: this feature can help you perfect the beauty of your face. Although it is not essential, it can be of indispensable help, especially if you do your makeup in a dimly lit area. When choosing these models with LEDs, do not forget to check the type of power supply.

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