Shea Moisture Hair Masque for Deep Conditioning
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Shea Moisture Hair Masque for Deep Conditioning

This is a wash day and I wanted to test out this new Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Masque that I bought as well it’s not new to y’all I already hung on a deep condition I’ve been out but I haven’t seen it so much on the blogs.

People have always been talking about this deep conditioner and whenever I look up deep conditioners that are like very very moisturizing so I decide to go to the Cosmetize when I had a sale on conditioners and I have seen this conditioner. I was like okay this is the perfect time for me to try this Shea Moisture deep conditioner. Because it’s on sale which I love so the deep conditioner that I’m trying out is the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydrating Hair Masque. I’ve seen is deep conditioners so freakin much I can’t even much remember how much I paid for this conditioner.

Well you know what no I do remember I think would really like five dollars I think the regular price is like 1699 but like I said it’s just got it on sale I so um this hair mask. Let me just take out the seal and all of this extra stuff. I already washed and conditioned my hair but I always like to end it off with a deep conditioner just to add a little bit more moisture and make my hair a little bit more manageable. When it’s time to twist on my hair because you all know that I’m going to its about 30 days. That does not even play like we don’t know so this is what the hair masks look like inside and it is super thick cuz it’s not going anywhere at all. In Spanish, on Sandra, I always like to smell my product it doesn’t smell like super sweet anything that like. I don’t know it’s kind of smell like on a verge of like a Shea butter you know I’m saying. But I thought nice amazing and you know she won’t give me amazing results. I’ll think that I don’t need a smell I just need results. 

So, I will go section by section already section off my hair as you can see so I’m just going to work on my hair and to like smaller sections and then apply this mask for deep conditioning. Whatever you want to call it these interchangeable words. This Shea Moisture Intensive Hydration Masque is super thick. Okay, so I’m going to apply this much. It has a very clean all right so that’s one fold that I like I’m just going ahead and detangle with my wife’s is cold. I can’t find my single T there all of a sudden like I don’t know where that to it. It’s okay this will do for the moment. I’m going to find it for that so it’s almost definitely. Now I’m just going to twist up each section of the hair and just continue to apply this deep conditioning masque. After then we will be back and once I’m fully completely twisted up at the mask.

Okay, you guys so I’m officially done putting a deep conditioner on my entire head. Don’t almost with I just want to show you how much of the deep condition that I did use. This is pretty much how much I used I’m shocked that this container might give me at least maybe about seven deep conditioners. Maybe it was heavy and but it often doesn’t show. That would come ahead of it. I’m going ahead and just apply my shower cap for the usual setting. It’s a dryer for probably like 45 minutes or so I can get all the hydration. That is supposed says going to do because it says here is a little dry so we’re gonna be back in about 45 minutes.

I’ve been untied drying for I think actually kind of like an hour into when you made something absolutely comment underneath the dryer so assistant sided assistants diet. Maybe I overdid condition my ear I’ll give it gave it an extra little boost I said I don’t know her image anymore. After I woke up like oh I want to go to sleep but I got a sentence what’s up tonight. This is how my hair is looking at that a deep conditioner. Okay, so really penetrated my strength a lot because my strands don’t have as much product as it did initially. So, I’m going ahead and go wash this conditioner out. And we’re going to see exactly how good my hair and how soft bag. Sealy is after the new conditioner is washed out. Okay, I’ll be back okay you guys come back after washing out this deep conditioner.

This Shea Moisture Hair Masque is a good deep conditioner but it doesn’t give me that whole wild factor that I was like kind of looking for. I mean we’re talking about this deep conditioner. My hair doesn’t feel as soft and I wanted to feel. But it is soft but it does feel like as if it has like so much strength until it does so aloe strongly. It doesn’t feel like super weak. Maybe that’s from sleeping in to dry for an hour and that 30min system. I don’t know but um yeah it does feel good I have no problem wincing it out on my ear. Actually felt a little bit more manageable while I was doing something out but it could also be due to me actually detangling, even though I just use the white to comb. It does leave my hair feeling super moisturizing like I wanted it to feel. But it does feel good so I’m definitely giving this deep conditioner a couple more tries because it does make my hair like look this. Is supposed to be on the vibrant I love the Vitamix my ears back but it does feel it.

My girl I see that I can stop in the bag unless it was always going to pop in the bank you know. If you haven’t tried this Shea Moisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intensive Hydrating Hair Masque already I do suggest you do you know maybe you can try it. When they have a sale like me cuz you know a bit of every long time and I really think this product has been off with like maybe a year. I already like and I said I can seem like a long time but you know this is always looking a little bit late. But it doesn’t matter as long as I tried it right. But if we haven’t tried already I do suggest this even whenever they have a sale or you know if you don’t really care for selves. You can just pick it up wherever but yeah so definitely give this thing a try. It is not a baddy conditioner at all. It just didn’t to smell isn’t the best you know just my like Shea butter you know just pretty much eight which is okay. It does make my hair feel like it’s a little bit stronger. So yes, that is a plus point of the Shea Moisture Hair Masque.

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